What To Do When You Can’t Find A Job?

can't find a job

Scouting for several jobs, submitting over several resumes, going for countless interviews and you still can’t find a job. The job market is not an easy one because the competition involved in securing a job makes it far more difficult. Being a fresh graduate or you just got relieved of your job, finding a job is frustrating when you belong to such groups. Unemployment can cause a lot of harm to your health and your financial status.

There is a popular saying “when the going gets tough; the tough get going”. What it simply means is that your ability not to secure a job should make you put in more effort and do proper research on things to do that will keep you ahead of other candidates in future job hunts. We have prepared a list of things you should work on and improve on when searching for a job.

Things To Do When You Are Unable To Find A Job

Searching For A Job Should Be Your Priority

Find a job should be your main goal, make sure to establish daily, weekly and monthly goals that will help keep you busy on task, even if it is not your area of specialization. For example, you can decide to set your weekly target of applying for 6 job openings and arranging for a networking coffee meeting per month.

find a job

Check your resume

Revise your resume by searching for the latest format in writing a resume, adding necessary information, and making inquiries from friends who are job recruiters about things they always check for when going through a resume. You must keep your resume very honest and free from lies. Most recruiters have been trained to detect a resume that contains false news, and no one will want to employ someone who isn’t honest.

Your cover letter and resume should undergo proofreading to make them free from grammatical errors and typographical errors. Also, your skill section should contain the right mix of skills that fits the job description, and make sure you keep your resume short and precise. No long talks or explanations just go straight to the point. Put your skills on your resume.

Expand Your Search

When it seems impossible to find a job, we advise that you expand your search for a job to cover areas that are not within your specialization or are not located around your vicinity. You may need to consider working for companies located in rural places where you will be forced to leave your present location and embark on a trip.

Extend Your Qualification

Applying for jobs that you’re not qualified for can lead to you not getting called up for an interview or getting screened out during the interview process. However, you can find a solution to such issues when you look for a part-time job outside your field, internship, or doing a freelance job. Getting skill acquisition by applying for an internship might not lead to you getting a job, but it will provide you with more knowledge, which can be a very important detail that can be added to your resume.

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Alternative Plan

It is always advisable to have an alternative plan if you’re finding it difficult to get a job. Having a backup plan can help you source out income for means of survival. If you fall under the category of just recently graduating and you don’t receive a penny from unemployment benefits, then you should consider having an alternative plan or a backup plan. Going for a part-time job like, waiter, delivery agents, and lots more, while looking for a job that fits your description perfectly will provide you with income that will help you meet immediate needs. Such jobs might not attract huge pay, and the working hours might not be flexible but trust me when I say it is better than not having any income.

Build A Reputable Online Profile

Having a strong online profile will attract recruiters or employers to have a look at your working experience before inviting you over for an interview. Social media is a perfect platform that can be used in building a reputable profile online. A perfect example is your LinkedIn account when last did you updated your profile such as recent photos, skills and abilities, headline,s and lots more. LinkedIn is a platform that also helps you in networking with people from other fields that can help you in landing a job. It is very important that your online profile looks professional and well updated at each time.

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Getting the job that fits your description perfectly might rely on the type of people you connect yourself with. Networking provides you with the opportunity to meet new people and generate more connections. You can start networking by attending seminars and events hosted by the company which you’re hoping to work for and by doing so you can get to have one or two contacts that might end up linking you with your dream job.

Work On Your Interview Skills

Perfection is not easy, but that doesn’t mean it is not achievable, try to perfect your interviewing skills by constantly practicing with your friends, partner, and other people who can act as interviewing personnel. Also, you can consider going online for interviewing coaching practices which will help you improve your interviewing skills and give you an insight on answers to provide when asked some certain questions.

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