What Skills To Put On Your Resume?


Having the right balance while writing your resume can be very difficult to achieve because you will have to keep it brief, precise, interesting, and most importantly it must contain the necessary information that fits your job description. Your skill section is what sets your resume different from that of other applicants. Listing your skills on your resume can be easy, and at the same time, it can be tough, because it is essential to have the right skill balance in your resume which will interest the hiring manager.

The skill section is as important as the work experience and education section because they help to tell the recruiter about the type of person you are and the skills section contains necessary keywords associated with the job description, as some of the top companies use an applicant tracking system to scan resume using job keywords. When listing down your skills on a resume, you will need to ask yourself, if you’re listing the right skills, or are you making the recruiter feel bored going through your resume? How Long Should a Resume Be? This content is aimed at educating and enlightening you on how to identify and list the right skill in your resume.

Types Of Resume Skills

Skills to Put on Your Resume

Two major types of skills can be used while writing your resume and they include;

  1. Soft skills
  2. Hard skills

Soft Skills

These are skills or attributes that display how you carry out your work duties as an individual or with coworkers. These skills are more of natural traits which an individual exhibit, so it is not specific to a particular job. Still, they are drives in helping one gets used to their working environment and the company’s ethics. Here is a list of the top ten valuable soft skills that can be included in your resume.


If you’re the type of person that likes to think outside the box and do things differently from others, then this type of skill will set you apart from other applicants because your creative thoughts can be used as a means of solving problems.


Employers like their workers to be responsible and thus, carry out their duties adequately. This type of skill is one that helps you to take full responsibility for your duties, including your mistake, and to ensure that tasks assigned to you are correctly carried out at the appropriate time.


Your ability to communicate and interact with people, whether it is verbally or in a written format is very important. Great communication with coworkers and clients will yield positive output


This is a skill that can be displayed in how you structure your resume. Organizational skill includes assigning coworkers and yourself with projects and tasks.


Some jobs take this skill very important. Some jobs that will require you to work as a group or at a certain point, a project or task can lead to you working as a group.


If you are the type that is capable of providing fast and effective solutions when things go wrong while working on a project, then this skill should be at the top because there are companies that deal with providing solutions to their clients or customers.


A lot of companies like to work with individuals that can easily adapt to any working situation and environment. The skill also involves having a different approach to things and still having a good result.

Attention To Details

For you to work with any industry or organization, you must learn to follow instructions and pay attention to every detail of information served to you. You wouldn’t want to make unnecessary mistakes as a means of not paying attention to tiny details.

Critical Thinking

It is a very important skill that should be included in your resume because it deals with the ability to think rationally and thoughtfully. Companies will be looking to employ someone that can provide the best solution to problems by thinking critically.

Emotional Intellectuals

It is the ability to manage one’s emotions and at the same can read other people’s emotions as well. This type of skill will help you relate with others well because you will always know how to control difficult situations without losing your cool.

Hard Skills

These types of skills can be referred to as technical abilities or knowledge that are learned through attending classes or apprenticeship. They are skills that are important to certain jobs, which are used for completing projects and tasks. Here is a list of the top ten hard skills for your resume.

Speaking A Variety Of Languages

The ability to speak different languages can place you above other applicants because the company will need someone of such skills in dealing with clients or customers speaking in a different language which you can understand. Make sure you have this skill at the very top of your resume.


The ability to sell and promote goods and services can be a very useful skill for major companies. The benefits which a company will gain from someone who possesses such skill will make them invite such an applicant for an interview.

Data Analysis

There are a lot of big data that needs the attention of a specialist to get them analyzed and derive how to make positive use of such data. Possessing such a skill makes it a very vital one on your resume.

Computer Software

Due to the modern age and fast development in the technological world, it is very rare to see a job or a profession that will not require computer skills. You have to be good with the use of certain software depending on the job description.

Project Management

The ability to complete a task on time without any defects can be regarded as project management skills. Combining your task flow and completion of a project on time is an invaluable skill of project management that needs to be on your resume.


Managing files, organizing, scheduling, writing emails and lots more is skills that are under administration. You must insert this skill in your resume.


Jobs that involve special design skills such as architecture, engineering, marketing, advertising, and many more, will look at applicants who have such skills on their resume.


Your writing skills can be shown through your cover letter, make sure it is free from grammatical errors and typographical error. A lot of jobs require writers who are good to help prepare memos for clients and coworkers. You can make a mention of writing projects you have completed.


Calculation skills are very important when it deals with professions such as logistics, accounting, production, construction, and a host of other vocations. It will require you to have math knowledge.

Machinery Skills

They are special skills or abilities that involve the operating of machines such as POS, road rollers, etc.

The major difference between the soft and hard skills are

How You Obtain Each Skill

Hard skills are technical abilities gotten from classrooms, while soft skills are natural traits that one poses.

Means Of Application

Hard skills are applied directly to the job, while soft skills are indirectly applied to a job.

You must carry out proper research on the job you’re applying for before listing out your skills, and you must balance your skills appropriately, you wouldn’t want to have too many soft skills over hard skills and vice versa.

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