This content will serve as a guide to both experienced and inexperienced job applicants going for an interview. The content is aimed at highlighting the common types of strengths and weaknesses associated with job interviews and the best way to provide answers relating to strength and weaknesses which will help you stand out before the hiring manager.

  • Let’s start up by discussing strength.

Going through the interview process, the odds of the hiring manager asking you about strength at some certain point will be inevitable. Over thousands of job applicants will find it difficult to answer what their strengths are without bragging or going out of context. You will always want to provide an answer that will make you stand out from other applicants and at the same time sounds professional to the hiring manager.

Don’t just note out your strength by simply saying, ‘I am hardworking, patient, and innovative.’ Try to accompany your answer with a short and precise story. Be as specific as you can when the time comes for you to provide an answer to this question. Speak to friends and colleagues who can help you to note out your strength, then make a list of them ranging from personal skills to knowledge-based skills and transferable skills which will help show your versatility and put you above other applicants. Here is a list of strengths and ways to answer them during an interview

  • Reliable

Answer example:

When it comes to doing the jobs that sound and look awkward, I always get them done because my coworkers and supervisors have full confidence in me. That’s one of the many attributes people appreciate about me.

  • Creativity

Answer example:

Thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative ideas happens to be one of my greatest strength. I see myself as someone that likes to think a lot of ideas on how to do things differently from people. This strength of mine has proven to be very useful on several occasions.

  • Passionate

Answer example:

I believe that when you enjoy doing something, you won’t see it as work, rather you will derive pleasure from doing it. This is a principle which I have stayed in over the years, and it serves as a means of motivation for me always.

  • Versatility

Answer example:

I have occupied a variety of roles which I have successfully managed very well and adapted quite easily to the surrounding circumstances of those roles, and that shows how versatile I am. I can boldly say that been versatile is one of my main attributes and strength.

  • Determination

Answer example:

I pose the courage to keep going, and I don’t quit until I have achieved my goals. I always try to carry on and not allow challenges hinder me because while others see the challenges, all I see is the glory at the end of those challenges. People have always admired this about me.

  • Rational

Answer example:

Certain situations can make most people emotions get the better of them, but I don’t belong in that category because I don’t let my emotions get the better of me. I’m always focused and concentrated on the essential and necessary details.

  • Problem solver

Answer example:

While most people try to run away or avoid facing a problem, I seldom try to get them solved. I always put it upon me to find solutions to problems which are one of my main attributes and skill that I will always bring along with me.

  • Collaboration

Answer example:

I find it very easy to associate myself with different people and can tolerate people shortcomings which make it easy for me to work as a part of a group or team. I have over the years accumulated a lot of experience from working with a host of other people.

  • Empathy

Answer example:

Merely looking at people, I can read their thoughts and connect with them without a word of communication. It is a strength of mine that has helped to build a lasting relationship with a lot of colleagues over the years.

  • Organisation

Answer example:

The ability to be well organised will determine how successful a project will turn out. The organisation is one of my main quality which I have put into developing year after year. The level of organisation that I bring along with me will benefit everyone as a whole.

  • Good listener

Answer example:

The ability to listen at work is essential and vital because in other to follow instructions at work; you must be a good listener. The ability to listen is one of my greatest assets because I know how important it is, especially when dealing with clients.

  • Perfectionist

Answer example:

I always tell people around me, if you’re trying your best, then put in more effort because trying your best won’t get it done. I am the type of person that always wants more from people, and I will do whatever it takes to bring out the best in people around me because I believe in perfection.

  • Curiosity

Answer example:

No matter where I go, I take my curiosity along with me because I always want to know more and improve on my knowledge because it will provide me with a variety of experience which I can use in overcoming challenging situations. This strength of mine has become a habit.

  • Charisma

Answer example:

This is no ordinary skill; it is more of a habit which I poss. I have the ability to lead and get the best out people; people always feel confident and happy when I am leading them. I have a few situations which I can share with you.

  • Consistency

Answer example:

I always try to maintain a high level of consistency by doing any project which is assigned to me. Not just getting the project done, but I do them with a high degree of consistency because being consistent is a skill which makes me stand out from other colleagues. An example is when….

  • Weaknesses

After knowing what to say when asked about your strength is out of the map now, but what if you’re asked about your weaknesses. Here are a list of weaknesses and a list of replies.

  • Competitiveness

Answer example:

I like to get into a competitive mood with my coworkers even if they are not aware of it. I always thought it was normal because it pushes me to do more when I am around them, but a close friend of mine noted it out to me that it was becoming a problem and ever since I have been working on it.

  • Impulsive

Answer example:

Part of my weakness is that I am always in a hurry to get things done and this has seldom affected some of the decisions I have had to make because I don’t do a proper evaluation before making them. This is a big mistake which I have come to realise and ever since I’ve been trying to be calmer.

  • Indecisive

Answer example:

When it comes to noting down my greatest weakness, I think indecision will be at the top. When I am faced with lots of projects that require me to make my decision, all of a sudden, I will go blank and begin to have doubts. I am persistently working on it.

  • Lateness

Answer example:

I will carry out projects and duties assigned to me, but I might end up doing them late or not at the specified time, but I have found a better way of meeting up with timings.

  • Distraction

Answer example:

I easily get distracted, and I admit it is a weakness that has affected me often. My previous job had a chaotic working environment which gets me easily distracted. Ever since I have done so much to improve my attention level

  • Introverted

Answer example:

This is a weakness that has brought limitations to my knowledge and has broadened my level of experience, although it has proved to help me at some certain points. However, it makes it difficult for me to partake in a team project. I’ve decided to associate more with people outside my comfort zone.

  • Impatient

Answer example:

Ability to be calm have been lacking in my day to day activities which have seen me make countless mistakes. This is a weakness I have been working tirelessly to curb.

  • Anxiety

Answer example:

I always get anxious under certain work conditions such as giving a speech in an official meeting; it becomes a great challenge for me.

  • Overbearing

Answer example:

Close friends and coworkers have noted this part of my weakness out to me, that I always like my view to be seen ahead of others. It is a problem of mine, but I am putting effort to stop it.

  • Selfish

Answer example:

I find it difficult to sacrifice my need for others. I have started fighting against this weakness of mine, and I have made remarkable progress.

In other to be prepared and well organised, we advise that you keep practising and rehearsing your strengths and weaknesses response.

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