How To Get A Job Using LinkedIn? [10 ways]


Do you want to Get A Job Using LinkedIn? Are you searching for a new job? or do you intend to switch from one job to another? How do you connect with job recruiters or employers in finding the job that fits perfectly? The worries and stress can be evaded through the use of an online social platform known as LinkedIn, by using this platform you can easily get a job. LinkedIn, which contains over a million users, can be described as the social platform for job searchers. About 95 percent of hiring managers make use of social platforms to search for employees; LinkedIn can be said to be at the top of the chart when it comes to ranking the social platform being used by recruiters.


Besides connecting you with thousands of job openings that fit your job description, it is also a platform where you can build an online professional background and promote your strong points through your achievements. For you to get the best result when using LinkedIn, you must upload a picture of yourself in your profile and ensure to keep your profiles up to date with relevant information that will make you noticeable by recruiters.

10 Ways Which You Get A Job Using LinkedIn

Changes made to your LinkedIn accounts are not permanent, meaning you can always make improvements and changes to your profile when necessary.

Get A Job Using LinkedIn

1. Upload A Profile Photo & Optimize your Account

Operating a LinkedIn account without a picture will not attract the attention of recruiters because such profiles will look inactive. When adding a photo to your profile, search for a photo that speaks more about you. For example, you can decide to upload a handmade portrait to showcase your photography skills.

2. Choose A Headline That Will Make You Stand Out

To gain attention from recruiters, we advise that you make use of relevant keywords when writing out your headline. Your LinkedIn headline will be the immediate thing that will attract the attention of the potential employer since your headline and profile picture are what will be viewed first. Make sure it is carefully written because it will help you stand out from others.

3. Reflect On Recent Experience

You must reflect On your experience so that anyone who checks out your page will have an idea of your level of experience and professionalism, especially when dealing with companies likely to offer you a job.

4. Add a Professional Summary

You have 100 words at most to summarize what you have achieved, professional skills or abilities, and to inform the hiring managers on vital information on what you will offer. Since you have limited words, make sure to add your contact details at the end of the summary

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5. Get A Job Using LinkedIn: Use The Search Function

Make use of the search function on LinkedIn to search for companies and job openings that fit your description. Also, you can stay updated by subscribing to job alerts and closely following updates on new job openings.

6. Get A Job Using LinkedIn: Do Company Research

Users of LinkedIn can testify that doing company research on the platform is much easier than walking down to the company location to get more facts about their working ethics and culture. Doing company research will help you keep up to date with the latest happenings and job openings within the companies you have listed.

7. Share Your Success Via Posts

LinkedIn is a social platform designed for you to market yourself to companies that need your service. It isn’t about boasting but tries to share your achievement and success via posts. It will help you gain attention from companies who need your kind of skills and abilities. Also, share the challenges you faced and how you eventually overcame them.

8. Network With LinkedIn

Going through someone’s profile can warrant you to add them up, not because you know them but because they share similar attributes and interests with you. You should link up with past colleagues from the workplace or school; they can help connect you with people who might help you. After all, LinkedIn is all about connecting you with people who are in your field.

9. Get A Job Using LinkedIn: Join Groups On LinkedIn

Search for groups that are related to your field. Join such groups and engage in conversation to share your experience and learn from other people within your field. Make sure you often interact and make others know you for sharing relevant and important thoughts. In the process of joining groups related to the company you wish to work for, you can end up making relevant connections while engaging with the conversation.

10. Share And Write Articles On LinkedIn

Sharing your experience, either personal experience or gained from other people’s experience, is always an avenue to gain the recruiter’s attention by writing relevant articles. Employers will get attracted to individuals who often share their ideas on certain topics, putting you in a better position of landing the required job.

Get your LinkedIn account up to date and make sure you keep up by joining groups related to your specialization. Network more often and meet people from the same or different field who can help you gain that connection necessary for landing that job you are seeking.

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