Hobbies And Interest To Put On A Resume


Including your hobbies and interests in your resume can make it an interesting one for the hiring manager to relate to the type of person you may be. A lot of people are against putting your hobbies and interest in your job resume because they believe that your resume and hobbies are two different things that must be treated distinctively.

When preparing or writing a resume that will potentially bring about an interview, it is important to ask yourself if the hiring manager or employer would be interested in what your hobbies and interests are? And does it apply to the position you’re seeking? You won’t get employed over other applicants simply because you love playing football or hiking. However, the section of your resume that covers your hobbies and interests can give you an edge over other applicants, if it is being done in the right and appropriate manner because it will give the employer a hint on the type of personality you pose.

Why Should You Include Hobbies And Interests In Your Resume?

The hiring manager spends approximately 190 seconds going through your resume and most employers or recruiter deciding about you in less than 60 seconds. Your resume must provide the recruiter with a detailed description of yourself and what you’re capable of doing in less than 180 seconds.

You must understand the importance of including your hobbies and interests in your resume because it provides the employer with information about your strength and how you would fit into the job perfectly.

How To Put Down Your Hobbies And Interests On Your Resume.

Don’t just list down your hobbies and interests in your resume without knowing which hobby or interest is relevant to the company or the job you’re applying for. Before listing out your hobbies and interests, ensure to do proper research about the company and the job position you’re applying for, this will help you know about their specific work ethics, retreats, and the attributes that will fit your job description.

List Of Hobbies And Interests That Should Be On Your Resume

Your resume should be written to fit the description of each job you’re applying for; it simply means that you shouldn’t just copy your previous resume for another job. In other words, your hobbies and interests should be written to fit the job description. They should tell the recruiter about your skills without making it sound boring and make sure you don’t exaggerate your hobbies and interests because you might end up regretting it during the interview.

hobbies and interests in your resume

This content will guide you on hobbies and interests that fit your resume as relating to the job description.


People who practice yoga can be calm and always in control of whatever situations they find themselves in. Yoga helps people to become deep thinkers and can easily understand other peoples’ emotions. Jobs such as public relation officers, delivery agents, etc. requires people with such skills.

Video production

This type of skill displays your ability to handle equipment that is used for the production of videos, broadcasting (newspaper and magazine production), and the act of journalism


Inserting your blog is a great skill addition, especially when applying for a post in the marketing industry or a writing firm. Bloggers are fascinating people because they know how to express and communicate with people seamlessly.


Applying for a job in journalism and video production becomes very easy when you include photography as one of the greatest skills in your resume. Photography also shows how observant you are.


People that participate in volunteering towards helping other people and sacrificing their personal needs to satisfy others will possess compassion, self-drive, and passion. Most companies will see such people as those who will put the company’s interest over theirs.

Strategy games

Partaking in games like chess and Scrabble will display your ability to be a strategic thinker. Strategy formulation and policy development will require the skills of such people.


People who take gardening as a hobby will have adequate knowledge about plants and the natural environment. Such a skill can be channeled to environmental conservation and sustainability.

Captain of team sport

The ability to keep calm under very high pressure on the field displays lots of qualities such as calmness, understanding, and most importantly, leadership traits. It shows that leadership goes beyond the office, it starts from the pitch during sporting activities


When applying for a job that requires creativity, then painting and drawing fit the skills which should be in the hobbies and interests section of your resume.


Going on a variety of trips to a different location for relaxation, education, and other reasons, will help you gain a wide knowledge of other people’s culture. This skill addition will make you stand out when you apply for a travel agency job.


Some companies make use of gaming as a means of team building activity such as IT companies. Applying to such companies and including gaming as your skill will put you above other applicants.

Coding and tech hobbies

People who engage in such type of things such as coding and programming are mostly introverts, and it becomes a skill that should be included in your resume when applying for a job that requires introverts

Musical talents

If you happen to master a musical instrument(s) and you also perform as a singer in front of a crowd, then your confidence level will be high. For someone who plays musical instruments, it displays the degree of patience and attentiveness to the tone they have sacrificed while learning.

Extreme sports

Skydiving, mountain climbing, deep-sea diving, racing mountain bikes, and a host of other extreme sport display your courage and shows how adventurous you are. It is a skill that most hiring managers will consider when looking for someone to occupy a leadership position.


people that are fond of the kitchen and always curious to prepare a special delicacy then make sure you include cooking on your resume. If your job description falls in the line of cooking such as applying for a job in a restaurant, nutritionist, or food technologist.

Fantasy football

Banking and capitalism are businesses that will require your special skill in gambling. It is time for you to gamble smartly and with pleasure.


When including reading as a skill, be sure to specify the category which you belong to because reading is extensive, everyone reads. The recruiter will want you to be specific about your reading abilities.


These include the rotary club, red cross, and other clubs to which you may belong to. Including this in your resume will show your level of communication, interaction, and more importantly, it will show that you’re a team person.


Fishing helps you to understand a lot, not just about fish alone but also about water. If you happen to be posing such interest, don’t hesitate to put it on your resume while applying for a job that deals with marine or aquaculture.

Stamp collection

People who find interest in stamp collection will have an eye for preserving culture and history. Such hobbies are the perfect inclusion in your resume if you wish to work in a museum.

Always make sure to do proper job research before including your hobbies and interests in your resume to avoid listing irrelevant skills about the job description.

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