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Free Creative Resume Templates

With thousands of candidates fighting out for every single job that comes, you must attract attention from the crowd. Whether you’re a fresher or a skilled professional requesting a better position, your design resume needs to deliver the best impression. The kind of impression to help you get a bigger opportunity for an interview. To make your resume beam, you need to think very carefully about how it’s created and what’s written. Right here, we will discuss how to write a creative resume, along with 8 creative resume templates for you to choose from.

How To Write A Creative Resume?

1. Choose Your Font Styles Wisely

So you are a designer, and thus, your resume should adhere to the current typography trends, right? Wrong! The main goal of any resume is to be readable. For this reason, it will be a sensible concept to stay with basic, readable fonts.

2. Consider Using The Perfect Color

For non-design-related jobs, a resume developed or published in color is probably a wild-goose chase. On the other hand, for style positions, touches of color are appropriate to include a subtle personal touch. Always try to use color wisely, but never review the top. Eco-friendly color on a yellow page will attract attention for all the incorrect factors.

3. Make It Brief

Those employers would not have much time to read your entire life story. Hence, your resume needs to fit onto one page of A4, preferably. If it is longer than two pages, you are waffling and including excessive things. Always prevent to be attracted to cover a deficiency of experience with redundancy. Instead, the tidy, well-designed resumes will always get the most attention from employers. Remember, you could always encourage them to check out your online profile to know more.

Creative Resume Template

4. Include your contact information

As a minimum, your creative resume templates needs to include your name and contact details. The details should include your email address, phone number, and the URL of your online profile. Do not assume that these details will be at the bottom of the email you sent out, and you would not need to include them.

Make life easier for your potential employers. This should comply with your job experience and your education. In both situations, you should mention the most recent first.

Job experience must include days, job title, and a brief run-through of your role. Don’t try to include the work you did years ago that is pointless to the job you’re getting. Recommendations are typically optional.

5. Be honest

As soon as an employer receives a resume from an unrevealed person who emphasized to be the perfect fit, they would surely be impressed. However, you should always remember that honesty is consistently the best policy. In fact, you stand a good chance of being discovered if you start ‘clarifying’ in your resume.

6. Include some samples of your work

By not including any samples of your work with your resume, you’re basically ensuring that the recipient will not consider you for the message. Instead, try to include some samples of your previous work can be a good strategy to convince those employers.

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7. Keep it as simple as you can

Unless you are really sure about what you are doing, you need to keep the fancy typographic and imaginative layouts away. Ensure your creative resume templates and layout are straightforward and clear so that the information will be clearly provided. Besides, the last point you want is the employers wrinkling up their eyes since you assumed dark grey text on a black background was a fantastic concept.

8. Display your real personality

Simple does not need to mean boring. A resume is a representation of your character and identity. The employers will definitely be scanning for aspects that differentiate your resume from the hundreds of others they have to wade through. Make your resume stands out with a unique design and add some personal touches … do not overdo it.

9. Don’t try to plagiarize

Well, the fact is, some applicants would search for motivating resume style concept and copy it. What can they be thinking? We all have access to the same internet world. So, if a specifically innovative resume layout has captured your eye, there is a strong chance it’s been shared virally within the industry. Thus, that resume will certainly have caught the eye of your prospective employer as well. Your resume should display your own creativity, not another person’s design.

10. Show consistency

Real-world jobs are normally centered on a single, regular idea that runs throughout the logo design, branding, literature, and so on. Your resume, portfolio, and cover letter need to show the same consistency. In this context, you need to pay attention to some points, such as:

  • Are those bulleted listings presented in the same style throughout each of your pages?
  • Is the color scheme regular?

11. Double-check your grammar!

If you’re pursuing a job as an engineer, does it matter how well you could write? Well yes! Spelling and grammar blunders will make you show up to be uneducated, unmindful, and/or lazy. Undoubtedly, none of these would represent the image you’re trying to share. So, consistently do double-check for your grammar and spelling is essential. Better yet, you could also get others to examine your resume as you might easily miss your own mistakes.

8 Creative Resume Templates

Yes, there are many resume writing services available out there. Yet, you need to choose the most suitable one that can make your resume to be outstanding. Below are 8 creative resume templates you could choose from.

1. Berlin


  • Berlin is the best Creative Resume Template with a wonderful layout and a minimal design to represent your proficiency.
  • Layout: The 2 columns in this resume template consist of important areas such as about me, contact details, and job experience.
  • Design: Your professional photo will look extra amazing in a black & white shade mixture for the background.

2. Nairobi

Nairobi Resume Design


  • With a more affordable cost, this resume layout can mirror your certain individuality.
  • Layout: This resume’s layout has 2 columns with separated areas such as about me, education, experience, awards, and skills.
  • Design: This simple yet stylish resume is also completed with charts to show your skills and readily available space to place your photo.

3. Jaipur

Jaipur Resume Template


  • This creative resume template requires you to pay a little amount of cash. Yet, the modern, exclusive design of this resume makes it worth your cash.
  • Layout: This resume has 2 columns, which are divided into sections such as about me, education, experience, skills, and hobbies.
  • Design: This outstanding resume comes with a classy style and is completed with amazing charts to display your skills and hobbies. Besides, there is a space to place your photo as well.

4. Rio

Rio Resume Design


  • This exceptional resume theme will present your professional individuality perfectly.
  • Layout: This resume features 2 columns to divide important sections such as your profile, education, experience, awards, and skills.
  • Design: A wonderful mixture of blue and white colors make this resume theme to be more amazing. Plus, it is additionally completed with charts to show your skills and a space to place your photo with confidence.

5. Denver

Danver Resume Template


  • For this resume design template, you would certainly have to pay a little amount of cash. However, the price deserves for this elegant resume to represent your professionalism.
  • Layout: This resume has 2 columns that separated the essential sections (about me, contact details, education, experience, and skills.
  • Design: This advanced resume features a contemporary layout and is finished with smart charts to present your skills. And also, you can place your photo to make this resume even more excellent.

6. Moscow

Moscow Resume Design


  • This professional resume template is ideal for you who wish to represent one of the most outstanding qualifications.
  • Layout: Some important sections, such as your profile, contact detail, experience, skills, and awards, will be separated into 2 columns.
  • Design: A white and black shade combination makes a minimalist look to this resume template. On the other hand, a grey-colored background makes this resume template magnificent.

7. Banff


  • This resume template is available to be downloaded and install completely free.
  • Layout: Features 2 columns; you might fill the sections of your job experience, profile, awards, and skills.
  • Design: There are 3 colors combination (black, white, and also grey) that make this resume template extra enticing. Along with this, there is also an available space to put your photo and make your resume to be much more customized.

8. Whitehorse

Whitehorse Resume Design


  • You can create your resume on this theme free of charge and have the option of downloading it a limitless variety of times.
  • Layout: There are 3 columns divided into 4 areas (education and learning, experience, skills, and awards) for you to fill out this resume layout.
  • Design: With a splendid mix of black and white shades, this creative resume template will represent your character along with a space to place your professional photo.


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