7 Best Resume Templates with Photo

Resume Templates with Photo

It is essential to choose the right resume template to get the perfect job that you have desired for. Your option must be determined by the quantity of experience you have and the sort of work you are seeking. A big question is, should you put your photo in your resume? In this regard, which type of resume template with photo that will be perfect for you? Let’s discuss about a perfect resume template, along with 7 best resume templates with photos for you to choose from.

In these modern days, many companies use an ATS or Applicant Tracking System to evaluate your resume before it will be seen by a human. These ATS examinations weed out an average of 75 percent of resumes sent. Sometimes the candidate is qualified, but somewhat, the resume is not optimized for ATS. In these modern days, many companies use an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to evaluate your resume before it will be seen by a human. These ATS examinations weed out an average of 75 percent of resumes sent. Sometimes the candidate is qualified, but somewhat, the resume is not optimized for ATS.

What Points Do Companies Want to See on Your Resume?

You can optimize your chances of landing a job if you recognize what those employers wish to see on your resume. That can help you to shape your resume template to fit those desires. Below are the inquiries you need to provide on your resume.

  • Tough abilities

Make sure your resume template focuses on the technical skills required to carry out the job. These might include data evaluation, language abilities, computer skills, or comparable qualifications relevant to the setting.

  • Soft skills

Whether you want to create an account manager resume or a programmer resume, many well-known companies appreciate individuals skills. These soft skills can consist of abilities from communication and team effort skills to analytical, adaptability, and also the ability to learn and adjust. Thus, make sure to include these important skills throughout your resume with examples, outcomes, as well as metrics.

  • Professional certifications

Various companies today value pertinent professional certifications. For this reason, make sure you are qualified by the right organizations for the job you are applying for.

Should You Put Your Photo On Your Resume?

Well, in various countries, the common resume standard requires photo that is not so black and white. Recruiters are already used to getting resumes with or without photos, depending on the line of work in question.

Resume templates with photos

In addition to this, those recruiters are most likely to look for you on-line either via Google or social media platforms. As a result, they will possibly recognize you even if you would not provide a resume with your photo.

If you are going to provide a resume with photo, make sure you would use your best one! Follow these DOs and DON’Ts to help you make a great first impression.

                                           DOs                                       DON’Ts
Do dress up according to the role/company society. For instance, If you are pursuing to be a financial investment lender, then make sure to wear a professional suit. For various other duties, service laid-back might be a much better fit, and even the career’s uniform (E.g. chef’s jacket).Do not use a selfie image. Sorry to say, but your mobile camera isn’t the best tool for the work. Taking your selfie picture tells employers you aren’t a follower of more initiative.
Do consider working with a specialist photographer. The results promote themselves, and also it is not as expensive as you might assume.Do not cause a disruption. Surely you don’t want those recruiters to focus on your appearances, rather than your skills and experience. Thus, make sure there will be no fashion statements, crazy hairdos, or make-up experiments.
Do match your resume photo with your LinkedIn photo. Those companies that take a look at your resume and then browse you on LinkedIn will promptly identify your “individual brand name”.Do not oversize your image. Even though you might look amazing, but you don’t need to take up the precious room on your resume’s components. Instead, a small, passport-sized picture at the top of your resume will be enough.

7 Best Resume Templates with Photo


Danver Resume Template

This advanced resume template with photo comes with a modern design and is completed with charts to display your skills. In addition to this, you also could place your photo to make this resume more perfect. To present all your qualifications, this resume consists of 2 columns which you could fill with important sections such as about me, contact details, education, experience, and skills. Even though you would have to pay a little amount of money for this resume template, but, the price is worth for representing your professionalism.


Banff Resume Templates

Three colors combination (black, white, and grey) makes this resume template with photo be more appealing. In addition to this, there is also an excellent space to put your photo and make your resume to be more personalized. This resume template could be filled as it comes with the sections of your profile, your work experience, your awards, and skills in 2 columns available.


Rio Resume Design

This outstanding resume template with photo will perfectly reflect your professionalism. A great combination of blue and white colors make this resume template to be more superb. Besides, this astonishing resume template is also completed with charts to display your skills and a space to put your professional photo. With 2 columns to divided sections such as your profile, education, experience, awards, and skills, this resume template will surely amaze those employers.


Berlin Resume Design


This is a minimalist style resume template with photo that will be perfect to represent your expertise. Better yet, your professional photo will look more amazing in a black & white color combination on its background. The 2 available columns in this resume template can be filled with highlighted sections such as about me, contact details, and experience.


Nairobi Resume Design

This elegantly designed resume template with photo is also completed with charts to display your skills and available space to place your photo. Comes with a cheap price, this resume template consists of 2 columns for separated sections to explain your personal info such as about me, education, work experience, awards, and skills.


Jaipur Resume Template


This exceptional resume comes with an elegant design and is completed with charts to display your skills and hobbies. Besides, there is an available space to put your photo as well. – This resume template also requires you to pay a little amount of money. Yet, the modern, exclusive design of this resume makes it worth your money. divided into sections such as about me, education, experience, skills, and hobbies.


Whitehorse Resume Design

With a fascinating combination of black and white colors, this resume templates with photos will reflect your personality. Notwithstanding an exclusive space to place your professional photo. You would find 3 columns to separate 4 sections, experience, skills, and awards) for you to fill in this resume template. Plus, you could create your resume on this template with photo for free and also get the option to download it whenever you need.

Extra Tips for Composing an Excellent Resume Templates with Photos

To modify your resume templates with photos, it is very important to take notice of the small details.

  • Include just the pertinent info

Always start with your contact information at the really top, include your name, place (city and also district), phone, email, and your LinkedIn URL. If you have a second page, it should also include your name on top of the page.

Maintain your skills, experience, and additional info to be well-customized to the work you are getting. This might suggest you to avoid mentioning the work you get from 10+ years ago.

  • Do not include too much info

Do not include any kind of unnecessary personal information like your parent or spouse names, marital status, or identification numbers. Those companies would not wish to see this. In fact, they might decline your resume immediately to stay clear of discrimination worries.

  • Include a cover letter

Take more time to create a custom-made cover letter for every task you put on. It is expert, courteous, and shows that you appreciate this placement. It is among the best points you can do to stack up well against prospects with a similar experience to you!

Wrapping Up

So, have you decided whether you would use a resume templates with photos or not? If you do decide to use it, then the 7 best resume templates above will surely satisfy you with a collection of qualified choices.

However, one thing you should note importantly is your knowledge, skills, and competence which will speak a lot for you, not your looks. The most reputable and professional recruiters know this and will consider you only on the basis of your skills and the value you could bring to the company.

Nevertheless, don’t forget to check the DOs and DON’Ts list to make sure you have a splendid resume with photo to convince those employers that you are the right person for the job.

Have a great day ahead!


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